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What Doesn't Kill You - The Lyle Bauer Story

What Doesn't Kill You - The Lyle Bauer Story

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"Riveting and inspirational."

"One of the best sports books I've ever read."

What Doesn't Kill You is not a football story. It's not a cancer story. It's a compelling thought provoking glimpse into the life of Lyle Bauer, a multiple Grey Cup Champion, CFL executive and a cancer survivor. Written by best selling author, Robert Allan Young, What Doesn't Kill You is about fight, hope, inspiration and that a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. It is also about how profoundly everyone is changed when this beast kicks your door down without an invitation and turns lives upside down. The human spirit may be the most powerful energy on earth. The will to live, love, and survive makes us all miracles.

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