Intention Collection

“Energy flows where intention goes.”

Find your intention and let us enhance your style.

Health & Wellness? We have a stone for that. Wealth & Success? We have a stone for that too. Inspiration & Creativity? Of course we have a stone for that.
Love & Happiness? We definitely have a stone for that.

Ask yourself, what matters most to you? The answer may surprise you. It could form a very powerful intention for how you want to live, be and show up in the world. Intention is really just a mental state of mind that represents a desire and commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. If you hold your intention, It becomes your own personal guiding principle.  

Your intention should be heart-driven and evoke feeling and purpose, like “practice being non-judgmental of myself and others,” “send love out to the world,” “open my heart,” or “let go of fear.”

Setting an intention is a way to bring your heart and mind into alignment. It’s an aim, a purpose, or attitude you’d be proud to commit to. And there’s no better way to solidify your intention than by showing the world your commitment.

Our Intention Collection Jewellery does just that and more. To help your intentions come to fruition, our Intention Collection Bracelets, Malas and Crystal Bra Bracelets deliver pure natural energy into your life and situation. More than just jewellery, these semi-precious gemstones and crystals are meant to aid you along your journey to ease your worries, and to bring more harmony and transformation to your life. 

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