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Stop Hating Your Body: Healing Anorexia for Good

Stop Hating Your Body: Healing Anorexia for Good

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Have you been trying to recover from anorexia for years, but feel as though nothing is working?

You feel as though your eating disorder has been controlling you for years. You’ve tried seeing doctors, going to therapy, but still, nothing seems to work. When you’re trapped by your eating disorder, it can get frustrating trying method after method and feeling as though nothing is changing.
You don’t have to go through the trial and error of recovery. Sarah Hauch struggled with an eating disorder for twenty years, and has found a new, holistic approach that can finally give you the results you want! Stop Hating Your Body gives you the tools to understand where your anorexia came from and exercises to work through your eating disorder. If you’re ready to stop hating your body and make lasting change, then this book is for you.
In Stop Hating Your Body, you’ll discover:

  • what exactly the root of your eating disorder is, so you can slay the monster
  • eight clear, doable steps to start healing for good
  • exercises and meditation to calm and control your thoughts and emotions
  • your obstacles to recovery and how to overcome them

Start looking at your eating disorder in a completely new way and gain the empowerment you need to heal.


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