Selenite Coaster

Selenite Coaster

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Experience the transformative power of Selenite, often referred to as "liquid light," with our exquisite Selenite Coaster. This remarkable crystal coaster isn't just a stunning addition to your space; it's a source of pure energy, cleansing, and restoration.

The Power of Selenite:

Selenite is renowned for its unique ability to cleanse, clear, and remove negative energy from your energetic field and surroundings. Its ethereal radiance embodies a tranquil yet revitalizing energy that helps restore you to your natural state of balance and harmony.

Healing Crystal and Charging Crystal in One:

Our Selenite Coaster serves a dual purpose, making it an essential tool for energy work and holistic living. It not only functions as a healing crystal but also as a powerful charging crystal.

Energy Cleansing: Place your precious crystals, jewelry, or personal items on the Selenite Coaster to wash away any accumulated negative energies. Selenite's purifying properties will leave your belongings cleansed and refreshed.

Crystal Charging: Selenite is known for its unique ability to recharge and revitalize other crystals. Simply rest your crystals on the coaster, and watch as they absorb the pure, high-vibrational energy of Selenite, enhancing their natural properties.

Hassle-Free Healing:

Unlike many other crystals, Selenite requires no regular cleansing or recharging. It possesses the remarkable ability to self-cleanse and maintain its energy, making it a convenient and low-maintenance addition to your spiritual practice.

Versatile and Authentic:

Our Selenite Coaster is a natural gemstone product, and as such, each piece is unique. You may notice slight variations in size, shape, and color, which are a testament to its authenticity and natural beauty.

Ways to Incorporate Selenite:

  • Crystal Charging: Place your crystals, gemstones, or pendulums on the coaster to cleanse and recharge them.

  • Beverage Infusion: Elevate your drinking experience by setting your glass or cup on the coaster to infuse your beverages with Selenite's purifying energy.

  • Meditation and Healing: Use the coaster during your meditation or energy healing sessions to create a harmonious and purified space.

  • Decorative Piece: Beyond its energy-cleansing properties, the Selenite Coaster is a visually captivating and functional addition to your home decor.

Elevate Your Energy and Space:

Embrace the cleansing and revitalizing power of Selenite with our Selenite Coaster. It's time to radiate pure energy, find balance, and enhance the vibrational quality of your life.

Experience the magic of "liquid light" with our Selenite Coaster and let your true energy shine.

Note: Selenite is a natural product; slight variations in size, shape, and color are normal and enhance its authenticity.

2.5"-3" Minor imperfection is normal as it is natural stone. Size and shape may vary. Attention: Selenite Stone may be oily due to the cutting and buffing process. Please remove from plastic and wipe off excess oil.