Seasons of the Witch – Beltane Oracle

Seasons of the Witch – Beltane Oracle

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Celebrate Beltane and Awaken Your Potential with the Seasons of the Witch – Beltane Oracle Deck!

Embrace the Fertility of Life

Unlock your potential for growth, creativity, and abundance with the vibrant energy of Beltane! Also known as May Day, Beltane is a time to honor life, passion, and the power to put your plans into action. It's when the Earth's energies are at their peak, bursting with potent fertility, and your own potential can be unleashed.

44 Gilded-Edge Cards: Each card in this exquisite oracle deck is a seed of spiritual guidance, drawing inspiration from the ancient Beltane traditions. Use them to find answers to your deepest questions and tap into the energies of this sacred season.

Comprehensive 144-Page Book: Dive into the beautifully designed guidebook, featuring original poetry by Juliet Diaz. These poetic invocations serve as powerful word spells and rituals, helping you align with the energy of each card and send your intentions of spiritual well-being into the universe.

Connect with Spiritual Forces: The Beltane Oracle Deck is designed to align with your energy and unlock your inner wisdom with the support of powerful spiritual forces. Explore the thoughtful meanings and invocations within, and experience the magic of Beltane in your life.

Embrace the Power of Beltane: Beltane is a time of celebration, growth, and transformation. Let the Seasons of the Witch – Beltane Oracle Deck be your guide on this sacred journey.

Awaken your potential and celebrate the vibrant energy of Beltane with this beautifully crafted oracle deck and guidebook.