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Radiance Room Spray

Radiance Room Spray

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Over the past 17 years, people often asked what we used in the store to keep the atmosphere so calm and peaceful. Well here it is and you can use in your home, office, wherever you like. You can use this spray to clear energies in your environment when you are unable to smudge.
This kit includes a spray bottle, 7.5oz bottle of Florida Water, 1 palo santo stick, 6 leaves of white sage, 1T Himalayan Salt,1 piece of shungite and 6 drops of frankincense oil. 
Pour 2oz of Florida Water in the spray bottle and then top up with filtered or spring water.
After you have finished the bottle of Florida Water you will need to replace all the ingredients except the shungite. Reuse the stone and dry the wood and leaves to burn.

Also sold in Travel Size with a 2 oz Florida water

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