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Mother Mary Oracle Deck

Mother Mary Oracle Deck

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Welcome to the gentle and nurturing embrace of the Mother Mary Oracle Deck, where you will discover the boundless love and compassion of Mother Mary herself. Regardless of your religious or spiritual background, this profound and heartwarming deck invites you to explore the healing, protective, and soothing energy of the Divine Mother.

Unconditional Love: Mother Mary's love knows no boundaries. She extends her unconditional love to every soul, offering solace, guidance, and wisdom on your spiritual journey. Through this oracle, you will experience the profound depths of her affection and find a connection to your own inner divinity.

Healing and Protection: The luminous illustrations within this deck beautifully capture the essence of Mother Mary's extraordinary energy. As you immerse yourself in these images, you will feel the healing and protective embrace of her loving presence, providing solace and hope even in the darkest of times.

Comprehensive Guidebook: The accompanying 192-page guidebook is your key to understanding the messages within each card. It offers detailed insights for every card, as well as practical healing processes and affirmations that enable you to integrate the teachings and blessings of the Holy Mother into your daily life.

Peace and Love: With the Mother Mary Oracle Deck, you can experience ever-greater peace and love on your life's journey. Allow her wisdom and guidance to illuminate your path, leading you toward a more profound connection with your own spiritual potency and divinity.

This beautifully boxed kit, measuring 5 x 6 1/4 inches, includes a 44-card deck and a comprehensive guidebook. Open your heart to Mother Mary's radiant love and let her light guide you toward inner peace and spiritual fulfillment.

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