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Black Pentacle Ash Catcher/Incense Burner

Black Pentacle Ash Catcher/Incense Burner

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Enhance Your Space with the Black Pentacle Ash Catcher is delighted to introduce the Black Pentacle Ash Catcher, a beautifully designed and practical addition to your sacred space. Crafted from black painted wood and adorned with a pentacle and Celtic rope design, this ash catcher provides a stylish and convenient way to burn your incense sticks.

Key Features 

Exquisite Design: The black painted wood with a pentacle and Celtic rope design makes this ash catcher a captivating and aesthetically pleasing addition to your spiritual decor.

Generous Size: Measuring 10 inches in length, it stands out as a bold and striking piece in your meditation area, altar, or wherever you practice mindfulness.

Incense Convenience: Use this ash catcher to securely hold your incense sticks, ensuring a mess-free and tranquil incense-burning experience.

Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with care and precision, this ash catcher embodies quality, making it a meaningful and durable addition to your spiritual space.

Elevate Your Rituals with Style 

The Black Pentacle Ash Catcher brings a touch of elegance and style to your spiritual rituals. The pentacle symbol adds a layer of spiritual significance to your sacred space, while the practical design ensures a mess-free and tranquil experience.

Shop now at and elevate your spiritual space with the Black Pentacle Ash Catcher. Sold Individually.

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