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White Light Oracle

White Light Oracle

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Experience Healing and Enlightenment with the White Light Oracle Deck at! 

Unlock the transformative power of the pure and radiant white light – a divine medicine for the soul that empowers the heart, clarifies the mind, and awakens higher consciousness. proudly presents the "White Light Oracle Deck," a healing and enlightening masterpiece that holds the keys to healing ourselves, each other, our planet, and all her precious creatures.

Healing Medicines of White Light 

White light is a sacred and profound force that contains all the colors and frequencies necessary for healing on all levels. It is a gift from the universe, a powerful tool that nourishes our souls, empowers our hearts, and guides us toward higher states of being.

A Visionary Collaboration 

The "White Light Oracle Deck" is the result of a visionary collaboration between Alana Fairchild and the acclaimed artist A. Andrew Gonzalez. For years, Alana dreamed of creating this deck, and now, it's finally here. This creative endeavor has led to unexpected and breathtaking pathways, integrating sound frequencies, states of consciousness, and the presence of high-level beings to create something truly remarkable, beautiful, and original.

The Light Within You 

Within every soul resides a divine light, a source of courage, strength, and guidance. The light within you is powerful enough to illuminate your path, support your journey, and empower you to fulfill your sacred purpose of healing and soulful manifestation. It is this inner light that the "White Light Oracle Deck" seeks to awaken and amplify.

Illuminate Your Path with Trust 

This 44-card deck and its 240-page illustrated guidebook feature luminous imagery by visionary artist A. Andrew Gonzalez and enlightening messages by bestselling author Alana Fairchild. Together, they invite you to integrate the loving soul medicine of white light into your life. Trust in the beauty of your path, for the light is always with you, revealing the way forward.

Experience Healing and Enlightenment 

Let its healing energies and enlightening messages become your guides on the journey to self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Illuminate your path with the divine beauty of white light and discover the transformative power it holds.

Shop Now and Awaken Your Inner Light with the White Light Oracle Deck! 

Tap into the healing and enlightening energies of white light and fulfill your sacred purpose with grace and courage. 

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