The Universe Has Your Back Oracle Deck

The Universe Has Your Back Oracle Deck

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The Universe Has Your Back Oracle Deck: Your Guiding Light to Happiness, Security, and Clear Direction at! 

Transform Fear into Faith with 52 Powerful Messages from Gabrielle Bernstein's Bestselling Book.

Are you ready to harness the profound wisdom of Gabrielle Bernstein's bestselling book "The Universe Has Your Back"? is delighted to introduce "The Universe Has Your Back Oracle Deck," a transformative set of 52 beautifully illustrated cards by Micaela Ezra. These cards are your oracle and guide to finding happiness, security, and clear direction in your life.

Transform Fear into Faith 

Gabrielle Bernstein has been on a remarkable spiritual journey—one of acceptance, surrender, and an unwavering commitment to her own growth. In this oracle deck, she shares the most powerful messages from her bestselling book, offering you a way to transform your fear into faith.

Your Beacon of Hope and Support 

Each of the 52 messages on these beautifully illustrated cards is a beacon of hope and support when you need it most. They will help you find strength when you feel down, synchronicity and support when you are lost, and safety in the face of uncertainty. These cards hold the key to finding joy even in moments of pain.

A Reminder of the Universe's Benevolence 

Gabrielle wants to remind you that, no matter what you're going through, you are moving in the right direction. There is always hope, and the Universe is ever-ready to lend you its helping hand. With this oracle deck, you'll never feel alone on your journey.

Embrace Happiness, Security, and Clarity 

Let these cards become your guiding light, illuminating your path to happiness, security, and clear direction. Transform fear into faith and open yourself to the infinite possibilities that await you.

Shop Now and Let The Universe Have Your Back with The Universe Has Your Back Oracle Deck! 

Trust in the benevolence of the Universe, find your path, and let happiness, security, and clarity be your guiding stars.