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The Halloween Tarot Deck

The Halloween Tarot Deck

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Embrace Halloween All Year Round with The Halloween Tarot Deck at! 

Step into the Spooky and Enchanting World of Halloween, Anytime You Want.

Who says you have to wait until October 31st to dive into the enchanting, eerie world of Halloween? invites you to experience the fun and mystery of Halloween all year round with Kipling West's "The Halloween Tarot" deck!

Celebrate Halloween Every Day 

Why limit the magic of Halloween to just one day a year? With "The Halloween Tarot," you can immerse yourself in the festive, spooky spirit anytime you desire. This 78-card Tarot deck captures all the enchantment and wonder of the holiday, featuring monsters, creepy creatures, cagey trick-or-treaters, and the ever-present black cat.

A Tarot Deck with a Halloween Twist 

"The Halloween Tarot" infuses the Tarot tradition with the essence of Halloween. The Minor Arcana suits are transformed into Pumpkins (Pentacles), Bats (Swords), Ghosts (Cups), and Imps (Wands), adding a playful and eerie twist to your readings.

A Guide to All Hallow's Eve 

To enhance your experience, Karin Lee's entertaining guide to "The Halloween Tarot" delves into the history, symbols, and traditions of All Hallow's Eve. Learn about the origin of the jack-o'-lantern, the history of trick-or-treating, and even discover how to find your true love's name in apple peelings.

Your Halloween Tarot Set Includes: 

  • The Halloween Tarot deck (78 cards in full color)
  • "The Halloween Tarot" book (148 pages, illustrated)
  • Artwork by Kipling West
  • A spread sheet for card readings

Experience Halloween Magic Year-Round 

With this deck, Halloween isn't just one day—it's a year-round celebration. Embrace the enchantment, explore the spooky, and invite the magic of Halloween into your life whenever you desire.

Shop Now and Embrace Halloween Anytime with The Halloween Tarot Deck! 

Dive into the enchanting world of Halloween, where every day is a celebration of magic and mystery. 

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