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The Good Tarot

The Good Tarot

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Discover The Good Tarot: Your Modern Path to Divine Guidance! 

Colette Baron-Reid has reimagined the traditional tarot, infusing it with contemporary positive psychology and a focus on the highest good for all. With its simple yet powerful psychic architecture, this deck is designed to resonate with the modern seeker.

78 Illuminating Cards: Explore the archetypal aspects of the human experience, offering insights into your own journey and connections with others.

Elemental Suits: The four elements—Air, Water, Earth, and Fire—replace traditional suits, creating a more relatable and personal connection.

Affirmation-Based Readings: Each card is a present-tense affirmation, providing immediate and personal guidance.

Whether you're seeking clarity in times of uncertainty or looking for a guiding light on your path, The Good Tarot is here to illuminate your journey. Embrace the wisdom of the ages with a modern twist.

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