Thai Buddha Incense Holder/Statue

Thai Buddha Incense Holder/Statue

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Experience Serenity and Artistry with Our Thai Buddha Incense Holder/Statue is proud to present a magnificent piece from Creating Dharma: the Thai Buddha Incense Holder/Statue. This stunning statue, measuring approximately 11 inches in height, is a harmonious fusion of spiritual symbolism and artistic mastery, and it's also a functional incense holder and burner.

Artistry and Spirituality Combined:

Our Thai Buddha Incense Holder/Statue is not merely an incense holder; it's a testament to the union of art and spirituality. Carefully crafted by Creating Dharma, one of the best concrete artists in Canada, this piece exemplifies their commitment to artistic presentation and detail.

Reclaimed Rock from the Canadian Rockies:

Creating Dharma takes sustainability seriously. Each of their statues is created using reclaimed rock from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, ensuring a connection to the earth and a piece of nature in your sacred space. The incorporation of such a meaningful element adds depth and character to each statue.

Versatility in Use:

This statue doubles as an incense holder and burner, accommodating both incense sticks and cones. It's a versatile addition to your collection, allowing you to enhance your space with fragrant smoke while connecting with the spiritual significance of the Buddha.

A Showcase of Detail:

The Thai Buddha Incense Holder/Statue captures the essence of Buddha's serenity and wisdom. The intricate details reflect the artist's keen eye for presenting the Buddha in a way that evokes deep reverence and contemplation.

Local Artistry, Local Pride:

At, we take pride in supporting local artists and their creations. Creating Dharma's commitment to art and sustainability aligns with our values, and we are delighted to bring their unique pieces to you.

Shipping Details:

Please note that due to the weight and intricate detail of each statue, these items are currently only available for purchase within the Winnipeg area. is dedicated to providing you with high-quality products that enhance your well-being and create a serene atmosphere in your living space. Make the Thai Buddha Incense Holder/Statue by Creating Dharma a part of your daily rituals and celebrate the artistry of local craftsmanship.

Discover the harmony of art and spirituality with the Thai Buddha Incense Holder/Statue.