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Laughing Buddha - Large

Laughing Buddha - Large

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Invite Prosperity and Abundance with the Laughing Buddha - Large 17" x 11" is delighted to present the magnificent Laughing Buddha, a symbol of joy, prosperity, and contentment. As the harbinger of good fortune, this Laughing Buddha is not just a work of art; it's a powerful embodiment of all your heart's desires, meticulously crafted by Creating Dharma, one of Canada's premier concrete artists.

The Laughing Buddha's Blessings:

Known the world over for bringing luck, abundance, and boundless happiness, the Laughing Buddha is a beloved figure in Eastern philosophy. This jovial icon represents the plenitude of all that one desires, whether it's wealth, contentment, or sheer delight. With a broad smile and a gleeful disposition, the Laughing Buddha is a powerful reminder that life's treasures are within reach.

A Work of Art with a Local Touch:

Each Laughing Buddha statue offered by is a unique masterpiece. Creating Dharma, a renowned concrete artist in Canada, imbues every piece with a keen eye for artistic presentation and an unwavering commitment to detail. Using reclaimed rock from the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains, they've crafted a statue that seamlessly blends artistry with the beauty of the natural world.

Exclusive to Winnipeg:

Please note that due to the substantial weight and intricate detail of each statue, these Laughing Buddha masterpieces are available for purchase and delivery exclusively within the Winnipeg area. This ensures that your treasured piece arrives in pristine condition, safeguarding its beauty and the blessings it holds.

Elevate Your Space with

At, we believe in enhancing your living space with meaningful and artistic pieces. The Laughing Buddha - Large 17" x 11" embodies the essence of wealth, happiness, and satisfaction, radiating positivity in your home.

Transform your space with the abundance and happiness the Laughing Buddha represents. Order yours today and let the laughter of this iconic figure bring joy and prosperity to your home.

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