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Gratitude Oracle Deck

Gratitude Oracle Deck

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Unlock a world of positivity and inner wisdom with the Gratitude Oracle Deck! 

Elevate Your Daily Routine: Experience a transformative journey of self-discovery and gratitude like never before. This beautifully designed deck is your key to start and end each day with a grateful heart.

Connect with Your Inner Wisdom: With 55 breathtaking illustrations by esteemed artist Josephine Wall, this oracle deck helps you deepen your spirituality and appreciate even the smallest blessings in your life. The Gratitude Oracle Deck offers insights, affirmations, and prompts that help you tap into your intuition, enhance your self-awareness, and foster a deep sense of gratitude.

Embrace Abundance: By focusing on the positives in your life, you invite abundance and joy. The Gratitude Oracle Deck is your daily reminder to shift your perspective and attract more of what you desire.

Perfect for All Ages and Occasions: Whether you're a seasoned oracle card user or a beginner on the path to self-improvement, this deck is versatile and suitable for everyone. It's also an ideal gift to share positivity with loved ones.

Uncover the secrets of gratitude, transform your mindset, and manifest positivity into your life. Get your Gratitude Oracle Deck today and embark on a life-changing journey towards abundance and inner peace! 

Featuring 55 cards and 132-page guidebook packaged in a hardcover box.
Card size: 6 in x 5 in.

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