Gold Colored Feather & Evil Eye Pendant
Gold Colored Feather & Evil Eye Pendant

Gold Colored Feather & Evil Eye Pendant

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Combining Gold Feather and Evil Eye:
When the symbolism of a gold feather and an evil eye come together, it creates a powerful synergy:
Balance and Harmony: The feather's spiritual connotations and the evil eye's protective qualities blend to offer a sense of balance. This combination may inspire you to pursue spiritual growth while also safeguarding your well-being.
Dual Protection: The gold feather and evil eye combined provide a double layer of protection. While the feather connects you to higher energies, the evil eye guards against negative influences, offering a holistic shield.
Embracing the Light: The golden hue of the feather and the eye's vigilant gaze remind you to embrace positivity and illumination. Together, they encourage you to rise above challenges and navigate your journey with grace.

Whether you're drawn to the symbolism of the gold feather, the protective power of the evil eye, or both, these symbols can serve as meaningful reminders and talismans on your personal journey.
Chain not included - pendant only
Approx .75"