Vibrational Charging Coaster - Love

Vibrational Charging Coaster - Love

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What are 'Vibes'? And how do they affect my life? Science has confirmed that everything is energy and has vibration. Your food, your body, even your thoughts have energy or vibration. The good news is there are TWO SPECIAL KEYS to unlocking the mystery on how to design the life you want. 

The first key is: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION - Like attracts like - Similar to tuning into a radio station, whatever the signal going out is exactly what you attract back. Your good thoughts can attract more good back to you. This VibesUP coaster can powerfully attract specific good energy into your life.

The second Key is: High and low vibrations cannot co-exist.; For example, a light bulb can not be on and off at the same time. Now we can understand that when we raise our vibrations, thus creating an environment that the low vibrations of germs, disease, and negativity do not thrive in. Our good thoughts can raise our vibrations AND your VibesUP coaster can powerfully raise the vibration of you, your food, your thoughts, and YOUR LIFE! 

This is nature's good energy treatment for food, beverages, and the body. A fresh apple vibrates high and helps increase our healthy energy level when we eat it. Most of our food and drinks are vibrate low, decreasing our healthy energy level when we consume them. Kinesiology and Professional Energy testing equipment show these coasters powerfully raise the good, healthy energy value of food or beverages in 10 seconds.

When these coasters were professionally tested, the machines showed that the food energy level would rise and the coaster level would go down. Then the coaster would recharge itself to full strength again. This recharging ability is due to the coaster's unique built-in natural crystal batteries combined with the liquid crystal and natural oils. These coasters never need clearing and will not hold negative energies. You may use them to clear and charge anything around your house: your regular jewelry, crystals, etc.