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Om Incense Powder Collection

Om Incense Powder Collection

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These wonderful little 20 gram glass jars start with a base of tree saps that are ground into a powder form, combined with herbs, spices, charcoal and aromatic woods which are all blended into a powder. Then, honey and aromatic oils are added to enhance the specific scent.

Use with charcoal for a stronger scent. Combine with other fragrances for a customized experience.

This incense can be used without charcoal if you wish. Spoon a small amount into a mound shape, light the tip, gently blow out the flame and let it slowly release its fragrance.

Dragon's Blood is traditionally burned for love, protection, exorcism and sexual potency. 

Relax and let the healing power of Healing Lavender do its thing. It is great for relaxing and relieving stress.

Cleanse yourself and your space of negativity with Purification, a fine blend of fragrant oils, herbs and aromatic wood powders. 

Focus the mind and bring about a peaceful atmosphere with this fine Sandalwood incense. 

Frankincense is traditionally used for purifying a space or object.

Flash back to the 60’s with the classic aroma of Patchouli in this fine incense powder.

Traditionally used by native Americans, White Sage has been utilized to ward off evil spirits and negative energies.

Relax and let the exotic aroma of Love & Attraction work its magic. It is great for relaxing and relieving stress.

Myrrh enhances meditation and contemplation. 

Meditation is the perfect blend to help calm the busy mind to focus and aid ones practice.

Attain wealth and prosperity by focusing your positive energy with the help of Prosperity incense. 

Protection incense to ward off negativity. 

To facilitate use, purchase our specialty tong and spoon set 

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