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Giv’R Eh? Intention Collection Bracelet

Giv’R Eh? Intention Collection Bracelet

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Giv'R Eh? Intention Collection Bracelet: Embrace Inner Strength and Compassion

Introducing the Giv'R Eh? Intention Collection Bracelet—a true embodiment of Canadian values like compassion, enthusiasm, and unwavering energy in life. This unique bracelet features a combination of stones carefully chosen to inspire and empower you on your journey. With red Poppy Jasper, calming Howlite beads, and innovative Lava Beads infused with Writers & Rockers Coffee, this bracelet serves as a powerful reminder to Giv'R Eh?—to give it your all and embrace life's challenges with vigor and compassion.

The Power of Poppy Jasper:

Poppy Jasper is a stone known for its associations with joy, happiness, and remembrance. Like the vibrant red of the Canadian flag, this stone can infuse your life with vitality and cheerfulness. It's a constant reminder of our obligation to humanity—to be kind and compassionate, just as Canadians are known for. Poppy Jasper doesn't just radiate external joy but also enhances inner strength, mental fortitude, and resilience, helping you conquer life's daily challenges with a uniquely Canadian spirit.

Calming Howlite for Reasoned Communication:

Howlite beads in the Giv'R Eh? Intention Collection Bracelet serve as a calming influence, allowing you to communicate with reason and clarity. In the true spirit of Canadian hospitality, Howlite fosters reasoned communication with others, promoting understanding and empathy. It also serves as an antidote for insomnia, granting you the peace and tranquility needed for your journey. Howlite fuels your ambition, both spiritual and material, and aids in cultivating the patience required to navigate life's twists and turns.

Lava Beads For Infusing Writers & Rockers Coffee:

In a uniquely Canadian twist, our Giv'R Eh? bracelet features Lava Beads designed to hold the intoxicating scent of Writers & Rockers Coffee. Imagine beginning your day by dipping this bracelet into your morning cup of Rock 'N Roll coffee. You'll carry the invigorating aroma with you all day long, a true celebration of Canadian creativity, spirit, and the power of a strong cup of coffee.

So, Let's Giv'R Eh?:

The Giv'R Eh? Intention Collection Bracelet is not just an accessory; it's a statement of your Canadian spirit and an embodiment of inner strength and compassion. Wear it proudly to remind yourself to give it your all, to embrace life's challenges with enthusiasm, and to extend kindness and compassion to all you meet.

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