The Top 5 Crystals For Anxiety

The Top 5 Crystals For Anxiety

Everyone feels anxious at times, but too much anxiety can get in the way of daily life. Anxiety can become a problem when it doesn't go away, gets worse or makes it hard for you to do the things you want to do.

Since ancient times, crystals have been used for their powerful energetic healing properties. Healing crystals are natural stones used to manifest life-goals, intentions and dreams. These mystical crystals harness the greater power of the Earth’s elements--the sun, moon, ocean--and the Universe to invite healing energy inwards.

Each crystal and stone has its own unique healing properties. People from all walks of life have used crystals to heal for thousands of years--from the Ancient Sumerians to the modern Yogi-- and each crystal has its own set of vibrations and healing properties.  And yes, crystals can help with anxiety as well.

Healing crystals are not magical stones that transform your life overnight. Rather, they are precious stones; remnants from the earth with molecular vibrations that store information, and when the holder manifests certain intentions or hopes, the crystals amplify and accentuate those intentions, as discovered by scientist Marcel Vogel.

Our Certified Crystal Healers at Radiance Gifts have put together these top 5 crystals to complement each other and to provide balance and cleansing in specific relation to the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of anxiety.

Amethyst - Amethyst is a powerful crystal that conducts the energy of calm and peacefulness. It helps to provide for strength and inner peace as well as providing protection, and increases stability. It is also a good crystal for
cleansing and balancing.

Mangano Calcite - Mangano Calcite releases fear and grief, bringing in unconditional self-love and acceptance. It releases tension and anxiety
and is a very good stone for major trauma of all kinds.

Lepidolite - Lepidolite is the stone of transition. It clears electromagnetic pollution, and helps with emotional and mental healing. Lepidolite enhances standing in your own space. It is great for relaxation and stress relief. It is also excellent for sleep issues due to stress, nightmares or worry.

Sodalite - Sodalite is used for discernment and objectivity and intuition because it can help eliminate confusion. It provides clarity and truth, alleviates fear and calms the mind.

Howlite - Howlite is extremely calming. It allows for calm and reasoned communication. It is an excellent antidote to insomnia. It formulates ambition,
both spiritual and material and aids in achieving them. Howlite also helps teach patience.



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