David Bowie's Starman Tarot

David Bowie's Starman Tarot

Inspired by his creative collaborations with David Bowie

In 1995, David Bowie and Davide De Angelis began collaborating on album art for Bowie's controversial and dystopian album Outside, a creative working relationship that spanned across several years and many different projects, including the development of art for the album Earthling and concepts for stage sets, books, products, websites and art shows. Inspired by their creative collaborations and the potent artistic vocabulary born out of them, Davide De Angelis has spent years crafting a powerful, visionary tarot deck that expertly weaves together intricate sacred geometries, alchemy, street culture, futuristic cosmologies, erotic sci-fi images, punk rock, experimental typography, magic, and the sacred teachings of the plant teachers and mystery traditions. Davide's life-long fascination with the many diverse mystery traditions, combined with his deep desire to explore and visualise the nature of reality, has given birth to rich and complex forms of visionary art and design – ‘potent visual alchemy’ as Bowie described it.

The Starman Tarot is a form of 'Spirit Technology'. The invitation to become the cause and creator of your experience is encrypted into each card. The true form of Magic, far away from the downgraded version portrayed in the media, is brought into existence through your interactions with the cards, your words and your actions: new ways of being and creating are opened through the invention of new contexts to explore from.

The Starman Tarot is infinitely more than a tarot deck - in essence it is a declaration that life at its core is astonishing - miraculous. The Starman Tarot is a sacred preyer to the spirit of creativity, to the possibility of wonder. Flowing from the cosmic archetype of the Starman avatar, the deck arrives in your life as a wise, transformative guide, a visual and symbolic evocation and power to explore reality in deep, artistic and revolutionary ways. It serves as a creative catalyst, a beautiful rebellion to empower your visions and actulize your fullest human potential. Through your direct interaction with the wisdoms and visual alchemy encrypted into the deck, you become a collaborator in the quest to re-enchant the world with an expression of magic infused with creativity and the myriad forms that beauty can take. You become a being that can see this world through new eyes. You are compelled to fully express who you are and what you most wish to stand for. As you explore and come to know the Starman Tarot, you become adept in the Scared Art of Creating Meaning.

More than ever we are being called to explore the realm of ‘impossible’ - to imagine into being a world that sings with magic and wonder - a world that we can actually 'feel' - directly experience physically, mentally and spiritually: a world that is shaped by our conscious participation and vivid imagination. Our hearts yearn to reconnect with the miraculous and mysterious wonders of Mother Nature, discovering what has been hidden, and finding a path leading to dynamic expressions of living that are yet to be revealed.

The Starman Tarot invites you to truly take life on and turn whatever circumstances you have into a unique and beautiful act of creativity. This is Alchemy.

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