The Power of Selenite

The Power of Selenite

Selenite is not only beautiful, it is one of the most powerful and versatile stones to work with. Its name comes from Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon. It has a soft pearlescent glow similar to moonlight and it embodies many healing properties. Selenite, also known as “Gypsum”, is found in many locations around the world.

Selenite is a multipurpose stone with a strong energetic vibration that is cleansing, purifying, protective and amplifying. It is used to target and then diffuse energy, making it excellent for healing wands. You can focus on a specific area of the body and direct healing energy straight to the area by touching the Selenite wand to the corresponding Chakra during energy work and healing sessions.

Many wear Selenite jewelry or carry a stone on them to help deflect negative energies, from other people and also from the environment. If you work around electronic equipment for example, it gives off electromagnetic waves that can leave you feeling fatigued and foggy. Selenite helps deflect these types of energies. Place a stone, sculpture or other Selenite piece in your office to keep yourself feeling energized and focused throughout the day.

Selenite is also excellent for spiritual work. It’s associated with the Crown chakra, the energy center at the crown, that is said to connect us directly to higher Divine wisdom and understanding. Use it during meditation to gain higher spiritual knowledge and awareness and assimilate that wisdom into your daily life.

Selenite is a soothing stone that helps relieve anxiety and tension in the body, while opening up the mind and making the user more alert. This combination is great for meditation, self-hypnosis, yoga and other similar practices. When doubt or confusion set in, allow Selenite to help expand your awareness and open you up to new possibilities.

Selenite, being associated with the moon, also has many lunar qualities. It can connect us more closely with the subconscious and enhance the intuition. Use it when you need a deeper understanding of a situation or when you need to face a challenge with complete honesty and objectivity. It can help illuminate self-sabotage and other blockages so that those issues can be addressed and released.

Selenite is also used to cleanse and charge other crystals and stones due its cleansing and amplifying properties. Place your other stones on a slab of Selenite, or in a pyramid made from it. You can also wear it with other stones in jewelry, or carry it with other stones to amplify their properties. Use it with amethyst for a powerful healing and stress relieving combination, or place it with Onyx for grounding and strong spiritual protection. It can literally be combined with any stone or crystal with great effect.

Selenite can also simply be enjoyed for its beauty. It is a soft stone that is often carved into lamps, candle holders and other items. It’s soft, moon-like glow is gorgeous and sparkly in the flicker of candlelight. It will impart a magical feel to your home or sacred space and bring a welcome, peaceful energy.

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