The Power of Pyramids

The Power of Pyramids

From ancient times to present day, pyramids have been used to amplify and transform energies. Considered one of the strongest talismans on Earth, pyramids existed in numerous ancient cultures. They served as symbols of spiritual power, eternal life and cosmic energy. Today, their likeness is used to charge crystals, herbs, pendulums, water, essential oils and other items.

For years, mankind has been fascinated with the great pyramids in Egypt. How were men of the day able to create these flawlessly beautiful, massive structures? The great pyramid in Giza is the oldest man-made structure of its size. At 3800+ years old, it has truly withstood the test of time. Not only that; it was created to such perfection that modern technology doesn’t even allow us to replicate.

Many theorize that humans may have had help creating them from other worlds, or that some divine knowledge or inspiration is what made the feat possible. Whatever you believe about their origins, there is no denying that these structures are awe inspiring and beautiful. It’s no wonder they are among the seven greatest wonders of the world.

The exact reasons for the building of the pyramids is murky at best. It has long been believed that pyramids were built as tombs for Pharaos, but many insist that they had other uses. Due to their precise alignment with the stars; many researchers speculate the great pyramids may have been a type of observatory. Other research has suggested they may have also been used as early power sources. Others believe that their vault like structure with tight, winding hallways may have been used for storing and preserving treasure.

Spiritually, the pyramid is also highly symbolic. The base represents the physical body, the sides the journey of life and the point symbolizes union with one’s higher power. The depth of symbolism and mystery surrounding pyramids makes them amazing tools. Several books have been written about their possible metaphysical purposes. They are thought to promote healing, prolong life and to positive charge items within their walls.

Pyramids come in a variety of sizes, materials and colors. Art glass pyramids are beautiful and functional. Small pyramids are perfect for charging pendulums, or small vials of healing herbs or potions. Larger pyramids can be used to charge water for a healing tonic, or larger batches of herbs or stones for other applications. When choosing a pyramid to use in your spiritual practice; consider not only size and material but the color as well. Color holds significant energetic properties that will also be amplified by your pyramid. For example, black offers strong powers of protection, so a pyramid made of black art glass or stone is excellent for protection and cleansing rituals. Red is a color of passion and high energy and can be great for enhancing creativity and boosting motivation. Green is a color of both healing and attracting abundance in all its forms. A green pyramid can impart healing, manifesting energies into your items.

Place your favorite stone jewelry or crystals into a pyramid to cleanse and re-energize them overnight. When you wear them again; you’ll notice a stronger connection. Use a larger pyramid to charge wands, Tarot cards, or anything you use in your spiritual practice.

They can also be placed to simply welcome positive energy into your home, office or sacred

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