The Earth Star Story

The Earth Star Story

Earth Star Collective began with the desire to harness conscious creation for the purpose of healing the mind, body and soul.

Dani, the creator, is passionate about the small seed of intent behind Earth Star Collective that flourished into a magnificent global vision—the idea of spreading love and high vibrations to every being on Earth through the ripple effect, simply by intending that it is so.


Aside from their individual healing properties, each bottle of Earth Star elixir is activated with the intention of awakening your Earth Star chakra—the chakra of oneness and deep connectedness to Earth, humanity and All That Is. This 5th dimensional chakra is located beneath your feet, and when cleansed and glowing, it assists you in spreading your light wherever you go and to whomever you meet.

Dani's hope is that each individual who adorns their energy with these powerful blends of all natural ingredients, botanicals and essential oils will feel their healing magic as much as we do.

Take them to your workplace, to yoga, to the Eiffel Tower, to Machu Picchu—whichever beautiful space you may come to occupy in life—


To amplify these intentions while you wear your Earth Star treasures, take some deep connecting breaths and visualise the ground glowing gold beneath your feet as you walk through your day.

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