Best Incenses & Resins To Burn This Christmas Season!

Best Incenses & Resins To Burn This Christmas Season!

Burning incense sticks has always been considered a popular way of relaxing. Sometimes, they are used for their health benefits and its positive effects on one’s state of mind and the premises. However, when it comes to Christmas, incense sticks become an integral part of the festivities. 

A great Christmas aroma instantly gives your home that festive feeling and completes the celebrations. In this blog, we have compiled a list of best Christmas fragrances that will make your home smell like Christmas during the amazing holiday season.

Kashmir "Christmas Blend" Incense Resin
This will quickly become a favourite incense resin variety. This unique resin blend includes Frankincense, Myrrh and Benzoin as well as other exotic and fragrant ingredients.

Kashmir "Christmas Blend" Incense Resin is a special combination for the holiday season and is perfect for making the house smell nice during those long winter months. It's also good for ceremonial and purification use, as Frankincense and Myrrh are powerful purifiers.

Without a doubt, Cinnamon is the most loved Christmas scent. There is hardly anything that smells more Christmas than Cinnamon. The woody and spicy scent fill the whole room, with a cozy, warm, and a festive fragrance. The other benefits of Cinnamon incense sticks include their ability to enhance your concentration prowess and act as a preventive measure against infections. They also help you relieve muscle stress and while stretching out your limbs during yoga. These health benefits make Cinnamon incense sticks a perfect companion for your holiday season.

HEM Divine Blessings Incense
Touched with a soft, floral fragrance the presence of Divine Blessings HEM Incense Sticks is a welcome addition to any room, offering a rich, positive energy that is wonderful in your ritual craft. Burn it upon your altar when you are seeking the blessings of the divine whether you light it in your daily devotions or use it within specific rituals and spells.

HEM Palo Santo Incense Cones
Palo Santo is a sacred wood enjoyed for its spicy, uplifting fragrance. This high-quality incense comes sealed in a bag, ready for your enjoyment.

One of the three gifts given to the infant Jesus was Frankincense , which confirms that it holds a deep linkage with the Christmas festival. Just as the festival demands, it has a very woody, sweet, and smokey scent. Apart from being a festive scent, it is widely popular for its health benefits. They are used during aromatherapy as it helps reduce anxiety and aids the immune and respiratory system.

Frankincense Myrrh
As mentioned above, Frankincense has a warm, woody, and smokey aroma, whereas, Myrrh has more of an earthy aroma with a hint of licorice notes. Their combined fragrance has a mention in biblical history, and its usage has traditional importance due to its healing abilities. Combine this blended fragrance with sesame wooden coffin incense burner, and it makes for an ideal gift for the festive season.

Tulasi Nag Champa & Cinnamon
Two of the most popular scents in one! Nag Champa & Cinnamon Tulasi incense sticks will create a warm ambiance in the home.

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