Are You Lighting Your Incense Sticks the Right Way?

Are You Lighting Your Incense Sticks the Right Way?

Having the best incense stick burner and holder is the only way of getting the best and trouble-free experience out of your incense stick or cones. Incense sticks and cones are a common sight at religious places; however, over the years, they have gained immense popularity and are commonly used as an air freshener at home and office. For the majority of such users, it is of paramount importance to know how to burn the incense safely. Burning the incense without sufficient knowledge can be catastrophic, especially when there are inflammable objects nearby.

Also, on a lighter note, while most of us are working from home at the moment and are entirely consumed with household and office responsibilities, cleaning up the incense ash should not be on anyone’s checklist. Whether you light an incense stick, cone, or a coil, a suitable holder and burner are equally crucial for esthetic and functional purposes. Otherwise, your living room, study, office, or bedside table will be covered with unwanted ash.

In this blog, we are going to talk about how to burn the incense with an incense burner. And at the same time keep hold of the incense stick ash with the help of a holder. Our discussion will be limited to only incense sticks as the primary form of incense. Let’s begin with the incense sticks burners.

With a plethora of incense burner options available in the market, choosing one of them can be one of the trickiest jobs. Having the perfect burner for your incense stick is essential for that ultimate experience.

A tower incense stick burner is designed to burn all kinds of incense sticks safely and elegantly without throwing any ash around. They have a simple yet artistic design and are manufactured out of hand-carved wood. They are very versatile and acts as both the incense burner and ash holder. They can be used to light both incense and dhoop sticks alike.

After lighting the incense stick, place it in the burner hole and close the top lid. After a few seconds, the burner will begin to resemble like a living creature breathing out fragrant smoke. In the end, the stick diffuses by itself, and the burner also catches the ashes.

Coming to incense sticks holders, here are a few incense holders to look for when burning your favourite incense or dhoop stick.

The flat wooden holder is handcrafted and has a sleek design to hold burning incense and dhoop sticks. It is very sturdy and designed to hold maximum ash from the burnt incense. It ensures that the area remains clean and tidy. Apart from being user-friendly, they are easy to maintain and can be easily wiped down with a wet cloth after each use.

The wooden incense holder acts as a multifunctional holder which works as a storage as well as burning incense and dhoop sticks holder. They are made out of hand-carved wood and designed to hold maximum ash, thereby, keeping the premises clean. The beautifully designed wooden coffin box incense holder allows you to store incense sticks away in style.

The sticks can be safely stored in the compartment at the base of the coffin. It opens sideways allowing the incense sticks to slide out easily. Being an air-tight compartment, the incense sticks don’t get exposed to air easily and never lose their scent.

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