Vocal Toning Of The Chakras - Sept 4

Vocal Toning Of The Chakras - Sept 4

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Vocal Toning the Chakras/The Divine Name
Please note this event is at Charleswood United Church

Join Shauna on Tuesday, September 4th for Vocal Toning the Chakras/The Divine Name. We will spend the first half of this class learning about the impact of each chakra on different facets of your overall health and the precise sounds you can use to “tune” each energetic centre. Vocal toning transmits these vibratory frequencies not only through the lungs and vocal chords, but through the body's entire neural latticework. Using specific seed syllables and sacred vowel sounds drawn from world traditions, you can harmonize the energies of your body for improved physical health and heightened consciousness. The second half of this class will involve toning the sacred syllables from crown to root chakra to create The Divine Name chant, drawing in light from the Divine.

When: Tuesday, September 4th 7:30 – 9:00ish
Where: Charleswood United Church 4820 Roblin Blvd.
Cost: $60