The Art of Personal Clearing Wednesday August 26, 6:30 - 8:30

The Art of Personal Clearing Wednesday August 26, 6:30 - 8:30

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Wednesday August 26, 2020
6:30 - 8:30

We can sometimes feel unbalanced after an emotional interaction with someone, and this can carry into our daily lives. We are thus affecting our energy and our interactions with others going forward. When we are in this type of space, we can feel stuck and in a mode of anger, resentment, hurt or pain.

Ever wonder if there is more to what keeps us in an unbalanced space, maybe a historical piece that we genetically carried forward?  We often can carry an extra suitcase from our ancestors which contain the old familiar narrative about ourselves and our families. These loops can develop a groove in a person's life, like a pattern that keeps them stuck and unable to forgive and move forward. An emotional glitch can interrupt the ability to have a vision ahead, which can even hinder the capacity to feel joy and to allow the heart to heal. Some of these old issues can make one feel unsafe and unsupported, which can impede the ability to maintain or start a new relationship. When life becomes cluttered, we are unable to see what our life's purpose is, and this becomes the focal point rather than recovery.

As with house clearings, we also need to clear our auras to move forward so we can to manifest our authentic selves.

Clearing can become an essential step in reestablishing positive and productive energy within our lives.  When we clear our energy, we become more aware of what energy affects it. Learning to clear the energy yourself gives you the power to control the energy flow within your life.

In the personal clearing, Marci will teach how to clear the fields, based on the ancient principals of the Chinese - 5 Element Cycle.

Join Marci Sealey, for an evening of skill development in personal energy clearing at Radiance Gifts (Limited Space) or remotely using Zoom. We will be using a pendulum within the evening workshop, where participants work with each other to learn the process of energy clearing. Join Marci and learn to clear your energy and others around you!