Past Life Hypnotherapy Tuesday May 22nd

Past Life Hypnotherapy Tuesday May 22nd

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My name is Chris Lee and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in my modality of Past Life Regression Therapy.

One does not have to belief in past lives for my system to eliminate aches, pains, fears, phobias and debilitating emotions. If you think it is your imagination but your concerns disappear ..does it matter?

There are no prescription drugs nor operations needed. It’s all done with your mind, the subconscious part which holds all your memories. The unknown noise. I work with cause and effect. Does an aspirin for a stress headache eliminate the stress? Of course not! I eliminate the cause.

This tour that I am doing called Take Back Your Life is more for covering the concerns which have no medicine: Fears & Phobias. I have worked with my clients over the past 23 years covering 131 different Fears & Phobias from fear of blimps, clowns etc. But the four most common are: Heights, Success, Deep Water and Claustrophobia.

The Fear of Success is the one that affects us the most. Prevents us from moving forward. Having the life we deserve. Our quality of life! We often sabotage ourselves, not knowing why! Past life issues! I eliminate the cause, you will be able to do the rest when you are not blocked!!

I am on tour this Spring across Canada and this Fall in the UK holding my Event/Talk “Take Back Your Life”

In Winnipeg I will be at Radiance Gifts hosted by my good friend Lisa. On Tuesday May 22nd from 7 to 9 PM. From it I will be doing my one-on-one sessions to eliminate your Fears & Phobias starting the next day on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Most people book at my Talk as they see/hear what it is about and how easily I do this.