Science of Stones & Magic of Quartz - Wednesday Nov 27

Science of Stones & Magic of Quartz - Wednesday Nov 27

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Wednesday, Nov. 27th
Healings performed with various crystal formations, gems and minerals are documented throughout virtually every civilization in recorded history, and yet our society scoffs the use of them. This introductory class will show you how to use these Gifts from Mother Earth to affect change emotionally, physically, mentally and/or spiritually for yourself and in the environments you live in. Lisa explores the scientific principles that allow us to use these amazing tools.

As well, in this fun and informative class you will be introduced to various structures and mineral combinations that make up the beauties we see as well as clearing techniques, charging options, how to choose your stones and much more!

Lisa Tjaden, who is a Master of Crystology and has studied with Melody – (Love is in the Earth), Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian – (The Book of Stones) and Elariel – (The Mineral Kingdom) will be leading this introductory class. No experience necessary! Let us introduce you to our very beautiful friends!

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