Pure Beeswax Tea Lights

Pure Beeswax Tea Lights

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Illuminate Your Space with the Natural Radiance of Pure Beeswax Tea Light Candles

Discover the warm, soothing glow and exquisite aroma of our Pure Beeswax Tea Light Candles—a natural and sustainable way to light up your surroundings. These handcrafted tea lights are made from the purest beeswax, offering you a clean and eco-friendly candle experience.

Natural Beauty: Our beeswax tea lights are crafted from 100% pure beeswax, free from additives or synthetic fragrances. This ensures a clean burn that not only illuminates your space but also purifies the air with the subtle, sweet scent of honey and beeswax.

Eco-Friendly Choice: Beeswax is a sustainable and renewable resource, making these tea lights an environmentally conscious choice. When you choose pure beeswax candles, you're supporting the well-being of bees and the planet.

Warm and Inviting Glow: Light one of our tea lights and watch as it casts a warm, inviting glow that enhances the ambiance of any setting. Whether you're setting the mood for a romantic evening or simply creating a peaceful atmosphere, these tea lights are your trusted companions.

Aromatherapy for the Soul: Beeswax candles are known for their ability to improve air quality by releasing negative ions that can help reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being. Breathe in the pure, natural scent and let it soothe your senses.

Versatile and Stylish: These tea lights fit effortlessly into any decor style, from rustic to modern. Place them in candle holders, lanterns, or simply on their own to add a touch of natural beauty to your space.

Dye used is veggie stearic in a base of paraffin wax. Colour line is 99.98% pure
Burn time: approx 3.5 to 5 hrs
Sold individually