Psychic Reading and Healing with Alain

Psychic Reading and Healing with Alain

If you have diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health concerns this doesn’t prevent you from participating in a reading, however you should consult your doctor beforehand.

A La Carte – A session can include any of the below readings until time is up. All readings begin with the foundation of a rose as master symbol.

Ad hoc
A simple but powerful reading. You may learn about yourself or get acknowledgement about something important in your life. This reading helps clear out blocked energies, energy that is not in present time, or energy that belongs to others.

Akashic Records
This type of reading helps you learn about yourself. We’ll bring forward your record keeper, ask it to file away lessons learned and bring forward the next steps in your journey.

Mockup Your Future
What do you want to accomplish in your life? We’ll have a look at how energy is flowing, and clear out any blocks for your mockup, then we’ll send your mockup to the Universe.

Aura & Chakra
Healthy aura and chakras bring a greater quality of life. This reading helps to heal, remove deficiencies and repair your energy bodies.

Is there a relationship in your life that you are searching for, want to improve or close off? As spirits we have relationships with ourselves, others and our creator. We’ll explore the energies that bring you together and pull you apart, and then we’ll bring in some healing to help improve the root cause of negative circumstances.

Is energy related to specific areas in your life moving in the right direction? How far are you from achieving an important goal? This reading views your current state, clears out blocks slowing you down and helps set a clearer path.

Advanced De-programming
From the moment our soul is conceived, we start a learning process. Competing or obsolete structures, however, can cause chaos in our lives. This reading takes care of the spiritual “weeds” or duplicate energies associated with an issue and cancels them in a peaceful way.

Deceased People and Pets
There are many layers and levels connecting us to other realms. It can be calming and healing to review those energies, receive or give messages, help with closure and of course reinforce the connection to Source. We can bring in some guides to help with the healing process.

Past Life
If you are wondering why you encounter certain things in your life, then you might want to have a past life reading. We’ll view the circumstances, neutralize that old energy and free it up for your body, mind, spirit and soul to use once again.

There’s a lot of life surrounding us. Some are helpful to us and others detrimental. We’ll have a look at what’s surrounding you, return what is not needed back to Source and say a nice “Hello” to Spirit.

Should I stay in this relationship or should I go? Get the story from two roses and use a third to provide insight and healing. Heal many of the things that would otherwise go unsaid.

$50 for 30 minutes
$95 for 1 hour