Pocket Size Vibe's UP Deodorant

Pocket Size Vibe's UP Deodorant

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Pocket Deodorant- smell good any place, any time!

The Healthy Pit Stop! Deodorant is something we use every day that has a direct  and powerful impact on our health and wellbeing. Deodorant goes directly into our glandular system & mammories (boobies).Common sense says do not use poisons in this area! 

Re-usable packaging! Vibrational Therapy Deodorant Refill are fun, simple and in biodegradable packing! 

~Glides on Soft, Silky and YUMMY smooth
~FULL of amazing essential oils (for Health, Courage, Mood enhancing (Joy), letting go of stress)
~Beautiful Eco Friendly REFILLABLE container! 
~Turns Bacteria to Salt
~Re Harmonized Ingredients 
~Tested by German Bio Resonance to be HEALTHY