Space Clearing Workshop - Wednesday September 9

Space Clearing Workshop - Wednesday September 9

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Wednesday September 9
6:30- 8:30 pm
Bring own pendulums and Divining rods
( can also be purchased at Radiance)

Within our homes or workplaces, we can have a balanced or unbalanced environment where there may be too much Yin or not enough Yang or too much also Yang and not enough Ying. Ying and Yang are the Qi( chi), and Qui is the life force energy in our daily lives. Ying is quiet energy, and Yang is the more extroverted energy.

As we interact with the world around us, we carry this energy back into our homes. Some of it is positive, but some can be negative. Thus, Energy can become stuck within our homes or work environments and become unbalanced. Too much Yin can go from being quiet energy to a depressed, leaving a feeling being stuck or a lack of no getup and go. Whereas Yang energy can be positive but too much makes an environment unsettling, or people get quick to anger.

When there is an imbalance, with feelings of stuckness ( too much Yin) or feelings of anger (too much Yang) our interactions within our home and our contacts outside are re-feed this energy in a loop. Thus creating an overall loop of emotions, and beliefs about our lives. Unhealthy energy can become stuck, and we may begin to feel depressed, angry or apprehensive when we come home or walk back out the door.

Clearing can become an essential step in reestablishing positive and productive energy within your home or workplace. Once you clear the environment, you become more aware of your wellbeing and what energy affects it. Learning to clear the energy yourself, gives you the power to control the energy flow within your home.

Come join Marci Sealey of Indigo Green Healing, for an evening of skill development in clearing and balancing energy within your home. We will be using divining rods a pendulum and muscle testing within the evening workshop.