Organic Orange

Organic Orange

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Latin name: Citrus sinensis.

Family name: Rutaceae.

Country or Region: Florida, USA. Growing Parctice: wild crafted. Orange oil is cold pressed from the orange peel and is a yellow-orange color. It has a fruity, sweet scent. Orange trees were once rare and native only to China and India. Some traditional uses: to brighten mood, calm and reduce stress, nervousness, obesity and water retention. Constipation, digestive complaints, nausea, bronchitis, cold & flu, upset stomach, diarrhea, drug withdrawal, muscular aches, normal and oily skin. Toning, wrinkles, and chills and an environmental disinfectant. Its main chemical components are: D Limonene, n-decylic aldehyde, linalool, terpineol.

Emotional profile: to relieve apathy, emotional abuse, worry, addiction, burnout, hopelessness, self-consciousness.

Blends with: lavender, clove, myrrh, clary sage, lemon, and neroli.

Warnings: No known contradictions.