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Latin name: Citrus aurantium.

Family name: Rutaceae.

Country or Region: Tunisia.

Growing practice: Wild crafted. Neroli oil is extracted from the flower of bitter orange tree and is imported from Tunisia. It should be pale yellow color It has a refreshing, bitter-sweet aroma. In times past, orange flower blossoms were worn at weddings as a symbol of purity. Some traditional uses: for healing thread veins, scars and nourishing mature skin, increasing circulation, in relieving anxiety, melancholy and nervous tension, bronchitis, as an aphrodisiac. Its main chemical components are: Pinenes, limonene, linalyl acetate. linalol, nerol.

Emotional profile: for emotional crisis, longing, grief, abuse, hopelessness.

Blends with: chamomile, coriander, geranium, lemon, ylang ylang, lavender, jasmine, and clary sage.

Warnings: No known contradictions.