Moss Aura Quartz Cluster

Moss Aura Quartz Cluster

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Moss Aura Quartz works with the Heart and Higher Heart chakras, allowing us to disconnect and cut ties with those from our past whom we no longer wish to be emotionally connected to. It is an Earth element crystal, emanating an energy that brings us closer to nature and elemental magic/energy. If you want to work from the heart, particularly on a spiritual level, this is an amazing crystal.

This Aura Quartz also has a rainbow effect, flashing in pinks, blues, golds and greens as it is moved under light.

On a physical level, Moss Aura Quartz is said to have a detoxing effect, clearing our energy system and loosening any blocks or old connections that may be lingering around. Due to this cleansing action, it is said to support a healthy immune system. Moss Aura Quartz enables us to come from a higher perspective, to view things with a bit of detachment so we can ascertain the best way forward for US and not feel selfish about it. It feels quite magical to work with.