Mercury Retrograde Book

Mercury Retrograde Book

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Turn Chaos into Creativity to Repair, Renew and Revamp Your Life

Poor Mercury, she's been blamed for a lot that isn't actually her fault. People like to blame their break-ups, missed deadlines, and unexpected bills on Mercury retrograde, but often they have little understanding of it. The Mercury Retrograde Book is here to flip these beliefs on their head. Award-winning astrology writer and best-selling author of Moonology Yasmin Boland explains:

  • Mercury retrograde is actually not a time of bad luck, but a time of second chances and an opportunity to rethink, revisit, revise, and revamp.
  • If you can understand the retrograde cycle and how it affects you depending on which sign Mercury is retrograding in, you can harness the cycle in your favor.
  • How to place the retrogrades in your personal astrological chart (it's actually not complicated at all!) and work out the effect of the retrograde on your elemental and zodiac sign.

In dispelling the myths around this astrological event, Yasmin shows us that there is no need to fear the retrograde but every reason to embrace it and work with it to plan, predict, and create our lives. This book was originally self-published by Yasmin, co-written with Kim Farnell; all rights belong to Yasmin.