Manifesting Abundance (Attracting Prosperity)

Manifesting Abundance (Attracting Prosperity)

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"Aligns you conscious mind with your subconscious beliefs to support the Law of Attraction." -Leading edge Review

Grounded in the insights and teachings of Science of Mind and Unity®,  this program by Steven Halpern builds on the understanding that  prosperity and abundance begin in the mind.

The synergy of my classic and most recent  brain-balancing relaxing music, subliminal affirmations and theta state brainwave entrainment maximize your receptivity to the positive affirmations.

As you listen, your brain naturally entrains ( synchronizes) to the most recommended states in which internal communication between your mind and genes is heightened. (Read more: "Super Genes" by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Rudolph Tanzy )

This program replaces my earlier "Attracting Prosperity".   As always, I choose the most appropriate music from my discography, including some new music you have not heard yet.