Heart Centred Living Meditation - 6 weeks

Heart Centred Living Meditation - 6 weeks

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Come and join meditation teacher and guide Blair Jensen in this 6 week course focused and intended to help bring forth a greater sense of awareness and presence into our own Hearts. Helping us to discover and bring forth the Love, Compassion and Joy that exists naturally within us all.

During this introduction course we will be discussing and exploring our ability to stimulate focus within and move our conscious perspective into our own Heart Centre. Within us all exists a tremendous capability to Be Love, Be Grateful and to Be Joyous for the lives that we all live. When we begin to ground our consciousness into our own Heart Space thought the moment to moment happenings of daily life this is called Heart Centred Living.

Through discussion, self reflection and meditation we can learn to begin to shift our focus from a state of judging, worry and ego, to one of Openness, Self Love and Compassion. Allowing ourselves to be sources of Inspiration, Light and Love for not only ourselves but our community as a whole. Through shifting our perspective of how we view both ourselves and life we can begin to live with a greater sense of Harmony and Well Being. Moving through life with a True sense of Self and Purpose.

During these classes we will be spending our time:
- Introducing ourselves to the concepts and practices that create Heart Centred Living.
- Discussing these topics with opportunity to share personal insights
- Meditations that strengthen and create the ability to become aware of our own Heart and the Love that exists within us.
- Opportunity for Self reflection and contemplation of our own lives
- Learning tools and practices that we can take do throughout the week.

This class is open to all who are interested in attending. It is recommended that you bring a notebook and pen.
***Class will be during off hours of Radiance Gifts so we will be entering and exiting through the side door on the left (west) side of the building.

Date: May. 5th, 12th, 19th, June. 2nd, 9th, 16th

Time: 10:30am-12:00noon
Investment: $70.00

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