Giv’R Eh? Intention Bracelet

Giv’R Eh? Intention Bracelet

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Inner Strength Compassion

Like a true Canadian, this Giv’R Eh? Intention Bracelet radiates compassion, enthusiasm, and dynamic energy in life. The red stones, Poppy Jasper is a stone that is associated with joy, happiness and and remembrance. It can help bring vitality and cheerfulness to your life and is a great reminder of one's obligation to humanity to be kind and compassionate.

It is also a stone that can help increase one's inner strength and mental fortitude to help you with life’s daily challenges, and if that isn’t Canadian, we don’t know what is.

And then there’s the two Howlite Beads. Howlite is extremely calming and allows reasoned communication. It is an excellent antidote for insomnia and it formulates ambition, both spiritual and material. It also helps aid in gaining patience.

Lava Beads are usually meant essential oil but not in this case. These lava beads can hold Timmies coffee. Yes, dip this bracelet in a Double Double and you’ll carry that intoxicating scent with you all day. 

So come on, let’s Giv’R eh?