Seasonal Messages from Loved Ones - Sunday, December 8

Seasonal Messages from Loved Ones - Sunday, December 8

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Sunday, December 8, 1-3:00pm

We will be having a afternoon of messages from loved ones which include a portrait essence of the spirit loved ones. The afternoon will include platform messages, seasonal music and tea, coffee and dainties.

10 seats available $25

As a medium and Spirit Portrait Artist, Marci provides evidential information
of spirit loved ones through her messages and during the process she invites loved ones to blend to create a portrait of them. Her work’s emphasis as a medium is to make those connections to loved ones that are no longer with us and to provide a conduit for their voices. Messages are always in a loving
and caring nature and are about helping those here with their current lives
and to help them heal. Marci has a background in social services as a
Counsellor and has worked with people who have experienced trauma and
loss. Her life’s purpose is to assist healing on a spiritual level.
Marci does individual readings, family readings and public platform