Cauldron Of Origin: Witchcraft and The Old Paths Part 1  November 28

Cauldron Of Origin: Witchcraft and The Old Paths Part 1 November 28

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November 28 
40.00 per person 

Limited to 11 spaces

This is the first in a series of classes for those who: 

  1. Want a truly transformational experience in witchcraft that goes far beyond aesthetics and stereotypes
  2. Wish to discover, build, and strengthen a formidable foundation in the Subtle Arts and Ancient Magicks 
  3. Desire more from magick than superficial experiences with superficial results. 
  4. Want to build a practice that creates real, lasting change in their lives. 
  5. Want to deepen their practice and move from the outer circle magicks to those of the inner circle 
  6. Want to discover and reign over their true nature and their gifts with confidence and sovereignty
  7. Want to learn Old Path Magick from an Old Path Witch and connect with other witches whilst they’re at it. 

In this, the first class, take a long, hard look deep into the heart of witchcraft starting from its roots in the past, through its evolution, to the branches of today. Expect no holds-barred, and myths being busted till there is a pile of busted myths visible in the corner of the room! Expect to have your eyes, and future paths, opened, as you’re introduced to looking at witchcraft and magick from a new (or should we say Old) perspective. 

Topics Explored (each with their own sub topics not listed here): 

  • A History of Magic and Magick 
  • A History of Witchcraft 
  • The Paths of Witchcraft 
  • What is (and isn’t) Witchcraft
  • The Impact Of Abrahmic Religion On Witchcraft’s Evolution  
  • Modern Craft vs The Old Paths
  • The Relevance Of Old Path Magicks Today
  • The Truth About The Witch Hunts 
  • The Truth About Dark Magic and Light Magic (or in other words “The Thing About Spoons”)
  • Witchcraft, Secret Societies, and (That Ugly Word) Politics
  • Gender Binary in Witchcraft 
  • Types and Archetypes of Witches
  • Hereditary Witchcraft, Does It Matter? 
  • The Role of Animism in Old Paths 
  • The Role/Use of Tools in Old Paths
  • The Role of Deity in Old Paths
  • Living as a Witch today
  • Creating Sacred Space, The Old Path Way

At the end of class there will be time set aside for questions! We may not get to them all but remember this is only Class 1!

All participants in this class will receive $10 off their next class with Ulysses and $10 off a Wild Spirit Reading, Sacred Path Walking, or Witches Mentorship session with Ulysses. 

Bring a pen and notepad you are going to need it! 

***This Class does not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, misogyny, misandry, or discrimination based on religion. This class is a hate-free, violence-free zone. It aims to uphold a respectful space even when speaking about difficult topics. It is a sacred space. If at any point any person in class can no longer help maintain that sacred, respectful space, they will be asked to leave immediately.