Cauldron Of Origin: The History Of Witchcraft  March 30

Cauldron Of Origin: The History Of Witchcraft March 30

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10:30 am - 12:30 pm
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How did mythology, mysticism, fear, politics, cultural sabotage, science, scandal, and a magickal craft that never existed become the hundreds of traditions and practices and the very real magick we call “Witchcraft” today...and where do we go from here? In this myth busting class, we take a hard look at one of the fastest rising spiritual practices today, challenge our views and understanding of the practice as a whole, and redefine the craft for a generation of Witches building a formidable foundation and future in magick. Core questions addressed in this class are:
•Why is the definition of Witchcraft so messy
•The history of witchcraft and of magickal practice is rife with lies. What are they, why did they happen, how did they affect history, and how do we modern practitioners find authenticity and truth?
•What is the truth about the Witch Hunts and why are they so significant to the witchcraft timeline? Hint: it’s not because of “witch genocide”
•Is magick real, how do we know, how do we prove its existence?
•What is dark magick and light magick?
•What is the difference between Witchcraft and other religions, spiritualities and traditions that include forms of magickal practice?
•Knowing what we know about the history of Witchcraft, where do modern practitioners go from here?

This class is the foundation of a series of classes for those who want to build a transformational experience in witchcraft that goes far beyond aesthetics and stereotypes. Many modern Witches desire more from magick than superficial experiences with superficial results. These classes are aimed at helping practitioners build a practice that creates real, lasting change in their lives through active practice and deep knowledge of occult artes.

Please dress comfortably, and bring a bottle of water, and pen and notebook. Space is limited. Call Radiance Gifts to reserve your spot today or get on the wait list in case of cancellation! Only cancellations made 48 hours in advance may receive a refund. This class aims to uphold a sacred respectful space even when speaking about difficult topics. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, misogyny, misandry, or spiritual discrimination. If at any point any person in class can no longer help maintain that sacred, respectful space, they will be asked to leave immediately