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Latin name: Citrus bergamia.

Family name: Rutaceae.  

Country or Region: Italy.  

Growing Practice: Ecologically Sensible.

Bergamot oil is cold pressed from the fruit peel. It has a sweet & citrus like scent with spicy undertones. It should be very viscous and have a color range of green to yellow. Bergamot oil is widely documented in old herbal texts.  

Some traditional uses: balancing nervous system, relieving anxiety and stress, lifting melancholy, for restful sleep, antiviral, cold sores, psoriasis, eczema and as an insect repellent. Its main chemicals components are: D Limonene, Bergaptene, Linalol, and Linalyl Acetate. 

Emotional profile: to relieve helplessness, hopelessness, emptiness and grief. 

Blends well with: All essential oils. 

Warnings: Bergamot may cause skin sensitivity to bright sunlight.