3 Legged Star Jali Brass Burner

3 Legged Star Jali Brass Burner

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Whether you're burning resin, a granular product or an incense cone, this brass burner could be what you're looking for. It is exclusively designed for burning incense with charcoal.

This beautiful Jali burner is solid yellow brass that will create the perfect meditative space and the star-shaped holes create a romantic atmosphere .

While burning incense, the smoke is lightly diffused through the star shaped holes, filling your space with the your favourite pleasant aroma.

The burner come complete with a wooden coaster.

Product Details:

  • Its tiny legs allow space between the hot burner and the surface on which it is placed. The upper part of the burner can be easily removed for refilling and cleaning.
  • Measures: 3"H x 2.5"D
  • Brass
  • Made in India.