Flore Incense Cones
Flore Incense Cones
Flore Incense Cones
Flore Incense Cones
Flore Incense Cones
Flore Incense Cones
Flore Incense Cones
Flore Incense Cones

Flore Incense Cones

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Flore Incense, has been hand made from the finest ingredients in a Toronto workshop since 1982. It is made in harmony with the nature and angelic kingdoms and is offered for your upliftment. Please use in loving recognition of these unseen architects of our beautiful planet. 
20 cones per package

Balancing. Soothing. Cleansing.
Rich and earthy, sharp and strong, Cedar-Sage helps to cleanse the muddled mind, stabilizing your mood and bringing clarity into focus for calm, decisive action.

Egyptian Musk
Complex. Balancing. Pleasing.
Woody and floral, soft and sharp, earthy and enticing, Egyptian Musk’s ancient fragrant blend brings your mind and spirit back into a pleasant alignment.

Inspiring. Soothing. Meditative.
A sacred blend of cedar, sage and sweetgrass sweeps scattered thoughts into stillness, empowering you to tap into insights from your angels, spirits, and guides.

Spirited. Bold. Distinct.
Patchouli’s familiar balance of earthy sweetness and musky spice intoxicates the senses as it blows hazy kisses of love and harmony into the breeze.

Refreshing. Pure. Primal.
A gift from the heavens, petrichor, the pleasant scent of Rain after dry weather, stirs the starstuff of our ancient souls, returning us to our connection with the Source.

Sacred. Captivating. Meditative.
Slow down life’s tempo and reconnect with your Higher Self or each other. Sandalwood inspires us to press pause and make space for more meaningful moments.

Calming. Relaxing. Balancing.
Let the white coil wrap you in its soothing essence as you gently drift on the Lavender breeze, lulling mind, body and spirit into a peaceful state of serenity and overall wellness.

Balancing. Soothing. Purifying.
Allow the sharp and robust aroma of Sage to clear your mind, stimulate strength and grant you with spiritual wisdom, wellness and protection.