Murray & Lanman Florida Water
Murray & Lanman Florida Water

Murray & Lanman Florida Water

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First developed in 1808 as a men's cologne, Florida Water is a unique blend of essential oils of lemon, orange and lavender is an alcohol base.
In more recent use, we find it effective in curing headaches, easing muscle aches, relieving insect bites and sunburns.
The stimulating scent can be used in ritual offerings and purifications as a replacement for Holy Water.
Wipe down your tools and use it to cleanse negative energies as you would smudging.
Add it to your floor cleansing bucket to freshen the whole house.
Another great use is to help conquer depression, anxiety and self-doubt. It helps by cleansing the body of negative energy, sadness and loneliness, ridding it of anything that harms mentally and/or spiritually.