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Travel Space Clearing Kit

Travel Space Clearing Kit

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Discover Harmony On the Go with Our Travel Space Clearing Kit

Elevate Your Energy, Wherever You Roam

Introducing our Travel Space Clearing Kit, your portable sanctuary for maintaining balance and harmony while you're on the move. Whether you're traveling for work or pleasure, this carefully curated kit ensures you can cleanse, purify, and rejuvenate your space and spirit, no matter where your journey takes you.

What's Included in the Travel Space Clearing Kit:

Radiance Room Spray (2oz): Our Radiance Room Spray combines the essence of 2oz Original Florida Water with other sacred elements to create a refreshing and purifying mist. Use it to cleanse your surroundings or refresh your energy during your travels.

3-Inch Abalone Shell and Stand: The abalone shell serves as a natural vessel for catching ashes and embers while you smudge. Its iridescent beauty reflects the ebb and flow of the ocean, connecting you to the cleansing power of water.

Palo Santo Stick: Known as "Holy Wood," Palo Santo is ideal for energy cleansing and creating a sacred atmosphere. Its fragrant smoke is perfect for purifying your space, no matter where you are.

California White Sage Torch: This California White Sage torch is perfect for travelers. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, and it's highly effective for removing negative energy from your surroundings.

Duck Feather: Use the duck feather as a gentle fan to disperse the cleansing smoke during your smudging rituals, ensuring that the positive energy reaches every corner of your space.

Amethyst Cluster: Amethyst is known for its calming and protective properties. This small yet powerful Amethyst cluster is perfect for enhancing your spiritual connection and promoting relaxation during your travels.

Velvet Bag: All these elements come elegantly presented in a velvet bag, ensuring your Travel Space Clearing Kit is both stylish and practical. Please note that the color of the bag and bottle may vary.

How to Use Your Travel Space Clearing Kit:

  1. When you arrive at your destination, find a serene space where you can perform your smudging and energy-clearing ritual.
  2. Open a window or door to allow fresh energy to flow in as you release negativity.
  3. Light the Palo Santo stick and allow it to burn briefly before blowing out the flame.
  4. Walk through your space, focusing on areas that need cleansing, and visualize negativity dissolving into the smoke.
  5. After smudging, spray the Radiance Room Spray to refresh and purify the air.
  6. Place the Amethyst cluster in your space as a reminder of your commitment to maintaining positive energy.

Elevate Your Travel Experience

Embrace the power of balance and positive energy during your travels with our Travel Space Clearing Kit. Whether you're on a business trip or exploring new destinations, this portable sanctuary ensures that you can maintain harmony wherever you roam.

Order your Travel Space Clearing Kit today and experience the transformative power of cleansing, purifying, and rejuvenating your space and spirit, no matter where your journey takes you.

Note: Smudging is a sacred practice, and it's essential to use it with respect and intention. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not leave burning smudge sticks unattended.

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