Goddess of Practical Wisdom - A Workshop for Mature Women December 14, 2019

Goddess of Practical Wisdom - A Workshop for Mature Women December 14, 2019

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Are you dealing with some of the effects of Menopause, Peri-Menopause, or Post-Menopause?
I can absolutely relate! And I want to share with you some of the successful remedies & practices that I prescribe to my clients and that I myself use to overcome the symptoms and effects of this hormonal change.
This time in our lives is one that should be celebrated, not suffered!
As mature, experienced, wise and beautiful beings we can truly embody the Sacred Feminine and emerge as the Goddess of Practical Wisdom and Embodied Beauty!
In this "Females Bodies Only" event we will be looking the symptoms and effects of Menopause, but more than that, we will be celebrating the magic that is available to us!
So what will this event include? 
Holistic practices, Tantric techniques, and herbal remedies to help reduce, and in some women, even eliminate the symptoms of menopause such as:
  • hot flashes & sweating 
  • lower or no libido
  • moods swings 
  • trouble sleeping
  • headaches
  • vaginal dryness and soreness
  • racing heartbeat
  • all the ridiculousness this life change can cause! 

Some highlights and key components of this event:
 Part 1:
* Honoring the Goddess of Practical Wisdom 
* Letting go of self-doubt and Understanding Yourself Better.  No, you are not going crazy!
* Holistic healing methods for overcoming and healing symptoms and effects, including herbal recommendations and recipes.
Part 2:
Getting Your Sexy Back!
The Path of Arousal and Bliss for Mature Women
Orgasmic Awareness. If you think orgasm is the goal of sex, this will change your mind!
Healing Yoni Self-massage (video and demo on silicone model
We will close the day with Honoring and Gratitude
Together, we elder women will share, heal, laugh and support each other, so we can truly celebrate this blessed time in our lives.

$75 (including light lunch & refreshments)
11:00 AM to Approximately 3:30 PM

Contact alana@alanadayne.com for more information & details